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Our Storytelling Icons Shirts!


What better way to show your love for story than wearing it with the creative story-icons shirt?! It’s fun to watch people look at this design and find out what they see first: do they see the word STORY or the set of icons first? Be ready: you’re going to hear, “Where did you get that great shirt?”Storytellers! This is a great shirt for conferences, meetings and gigs. Teachers! Turn your students loose in small groups and have them create a story for individual icons…or the whole set.Ts are available in warm-weather loving short sleeves in many colors or in a v-neck in royal blue. Custom designed for us by Mesquite Tree Studio and is copyright 2015 by Storyteller.net.Get yours at this price before the end of this limited-edition run. Shirts are a good quality material that some say run a bit snug. We suggest you order up a size if you are not sure.

Short sleeve, long sleeve, hoodie, vneck! Go here for to order now: http://4shirts.net/storyicons10


storytelling tshirt

Storytelling Words

Storytelling Words:

storytelling tshirtThere are so many words to describe storytelling and storytellers. Well, we’ve put a few of them on this shirt for you. If you play with words, painting with ideas and thoughts, this shirt is for you.

This shirt will start conversations with anyone you meet. Brought to you by the online leaders at Storyteller.net.

Limited edition. Only prints if we meet our minimum. Orders yours today in SM-3XL in the color of your choice.