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Wild Winter Sun

the dark winter sun black ink on a red shirtFrom Aesop:

“No, it is my turn,” the Sun said as he turned his gaze upon the person walking below.

Rather than gust, upset or harass the man, the Sun simply let his gaze shine upon the walker. As the clouds from the previous attempt vanished, the man looked up at the sky. As the air around him grew warmer and more comfortable in the simple gaze of the sun, the man removed his outer garment and carried it as he went on his way.

At that point, the Wind did finally concede that the gentle Sun was indeed the greater of the two.

The Wild Sun. White ink or black ink on a variety of shirt colors and styles including short-sleeve, long-sleeve and some Vnecks.

Created exclusively for us by and ©2016 The Mesquite Tree Studio. All rights reserved.

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The Wild Winter Sun Teeshirt

storytelling tshirt

Storytelling Words

Storytelling Words:

storytelling tshirtThere are so many words to describe storytelling and storytellers. Well, we’ve put a few of them on this shirt for you. If you play with words, painting with ideas and thoughts, this shirt is for you.

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